Nail Art Designs For Beginners Step By Step

Nail art seems an easy thing at first sight, though if you don’t learn how to make nail art designs for beginners step by step, you are not expected to become a true nail artist. You need to begin with some simple patterns like stripes, dots, flowers, or hearts. That will help you feel comfortable with your brush and your techniques.


What do you need to make a good start?


Of course, a good thin artist’s paintbrush to be used with acrylics. You may look for some nail art brushes in the Internet. Then, think about a good set of acrylic paints. You can also use a nail varnish, though it is thicker, and it may take you some time to dry up. One more essential thing for a nail artist is a good collection of odds-and-ends such as different rhinestones and glitters, anything you happen to come across that will look nice on your nails. Think about having a collection of nail varnishes of different colors, and, of course, a good topcoat is important, because you will always need to seal your design.


Here are some more tips for you to feel comfortable with your nail art. Don’t pile paint onto the brush, just wet it at the tip, lightly dipping it into the paint. Rest your arm on the table comfortably to prevent your hand from shaking. Try to be patient, don’t rush.


There is one very easy design in case you feel confident that you are able to paint the basics already. Let’s try step by step painting flowers:

1. Apply a base coat using a nail varnish of any color. Wait until it dries up a little.


2. Now, lightly dip your brush into the acrylic paint of any color. Remember to use a darker color if your base color is light, and if it is dark, you may use a lighter color, even white. Then, place the tip down, flat on the nail. Do it five times for five petals.


3. Paint the dot in the middle of the petals choosing some more color.


4. You can paint some more flowers over the nails, or just leave this one. Don’t forget to seal it with topcoat.


If you feel comfortable about this, it will be time to get your fingers to dong some more complicated work such as a leopard print, a butterfly design, a beach scene, or many others.



Nail Art Designs For Beginners Step By Step


Nail Art Designs For Beginners Step By Step With Photos


1. Polish the nail white.

2. Paint several brown football shapes. Add white laces and accent lines on each.

3. Paint gold and black dots between balls. Finish with top coat.

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